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tan logistics and your customs clearance formalities

Dealing with customs formalities is part and parcel of our everyday work. To ensure smooth customs handling, we employ the following methods, which speed up clearance and provide greater flexibility:

  • 24-hour clearance
  • handling of fiscal duties
  • customs clearance formalities on the lorry
  • compiling export documents

Benefiting from ATLAS

The introduction of the ATLAS* IT system has further simplified customs clearance formalities. The automated tariff and local customs clearance system saves our clients both time and expense. On request, we will be pleased to provide you with independent access to the customs system.

We use TIR Carnet

We use the TIR Carnet** for road transportation to third countries. This document, which accompanies goods, saves you having to pay national import/export duties at every border crossing. Instead, the formalities can simply be completed at the customs office in Germany and in the country of destination. The prerequisite for transportation based on the TIR Carnet is that the lorry must be lead-sealed in accordance with the regulations contained in the TIR Convention.

*Abbreviation for "Automated Tariff and Local Customs Clearance System".
**TIR is short for "Transports Internationaux Routiers". The TIR sign is attached to lorries transporting goods in accordance with the TIR system.