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tanspecial – we organise heavy-duty and oversized transportation

tanspecial is the ideal system for special-purpose haulage, i.e. the transportation of loads which exceed the permissible limits. We procure approval for your heavy-duty or oversized transport online and then develop an end-to-end forwarding solution. Our route planning takes account of three main factors:

Road safety

Special transports have to be registered, accompanied and made completely secure, so that other road users are not put at risk.

Prevention of transport damage

Legal limitations and restrictions for road transport must be carefully observed, for example in order to avoid causing damage to bridges or public thoroughfares which have been built in accordance with the legally binding construction limits.

Obstacles en route

Detailed route planning is essential when a special transport is undertaken. Our advance planning includes, for example, checking whether our technicians need to dismantle (and re-install) road signs or checking bridges along the route which cannot be passed under even though the maximum/minimum height sign appears to allow clearance.

tanspecial in detail

  • Solution packages for national and international freight forwarding orders (tanproject, tanmultimodal)
  • Detailed route planning
  • Use of the internet-based online authorisation process for heavy-duty and oversized transports (VEMAGS)
  • Procurement of special permits in accordance with § 70 StVZO and § 46 StVO, permission in accordance with § 29 III StVO, and permission for special use in accordance with transport legislation (StVO = German road traffic regulations)
  • Collaboration and coordination with public authorities
  • Management of customs clearance and insurance matters
  • Secure packaging of the oversized load

*In the case of orders for heavy-duty transportation, we operate on the basis of the General Terms and Conditions of Business of the German Federal Working Group on Heavy Haulage and Crane Work (BSK).